Twenty Mile School, Routt County, Colorado

A Lens to the Landscape: The Photography of John Lanterman

John had a year-long solo exhibit at the Tread of the Pioneers Museum in downtown Steamboat Springs from August 1st, 2020 through July 31st, 2021. The exhibit examines the history of northwest Colorado through images of historic buildings and other elements of the natural and built environment. The exhibit chronicles mans influence on the environment of northwest Colorado. See the interview here.

Narrated Tour of Exhibit

You can also view the images and listen to a narrated tour of the entire exhibit by clicking here.

The Depot Gallery, Steamboat Springs, Colorado

John’s work is shown as part of the permanent exhibit space at the Depot Gallery in downtown Steamboat Springs. John is a member of the Riverwalk Collective. His work is exhibited in the main gallery, with the work of other selected photographers and artists.