Beauty is everything.

My pursuit is seeing the beauty around us, then capturing that beauty in a photograph that allows others to also experience it.


Recording the natural and man-made world is a way to practice photography and refine my eye. Much of my work is from western Colorado. The vastness of the west, the solitude, and overpowering beauty are recurring themes. My current work, is based on the landscapes, buildings, and people of The Berkshires, located in Western Massachusetts. Wherever my work takes me, my intention is to tell a compelling story through a photograph.  A memorable photograph conveys a sense of place, and connects people to that place and moment. 

Photography is bringing order out of chaos.

Ansel Adams

My photography previously documented “the real and imagined west.” “Real” in the sense that the authentic west is a place of beauty, independence, and reverence for nature embedded in our country’s history. “Imagined” in the sense that the iconic landscapes of the west are part of our country’s mythology. 

Capturing the authentic west, set against the backdrop of constant change, whether it be cultural or environmental, provides a focus for my work. Ideally the images remind us to protect the landscape and cultural heritage of the west.

The Berkshires

My wife and I recently changed our home base, and have happily landed in Western Massachusetts.  A very different landscape, to be sure.  The landscapes are open in places, and not as open as Northwest Colorado.  Elliott Porter is known for what he described as “intimate landscapes.”  I will borrow that term to describe what I am seeing. The light seems softer here, too.  Not sure how else to describe it.  

Change is good, and I very much look forward to extending my grasp of photography and exploring this new world. I find myself falling in love with the area, the people, and the opportunities these new environs create.

The backstory

Photography is an integral part of my life. As a youngster, I would borrow my Dad’s camera and explore the mountains around our home. On family vacations, and wherever adventure led me, I sought to capture on film what I saw and felt.  I marveled at the pictures of Alfred Eisenstadt and Ansel Adams.  Looking back, that begins to explain why I have a passion for black and white photography.

A career and family redirected my trajectory, with photography continuing to play a supporting role.  When photography once again knocked on the door, it was welcomed with open arms.

self portrait

Steamboat Springs Colorado

Steamboat Springs, Colorado was the perfect base camp to develop my eye based on western landscapes.  There is a mix of ranching and agriculture, outdoor recreation, natural landscapes, wildlife, and stunning beauty available outside our front door.  The Yampa River flows through downtown, and is one of the few free-flowing rivers left in the west.

There is a thriving creative community, and an incredible diversity of cultural activities for a small mountain town. There are photographers, graphic designers, musicians, fine artists, actors, writers, and every other type of creative imaginable.  

There are also a multitude of venues for artists to share their work and creative talents. This ranges from a historic downtown theater to a modern performance hall, and many other indoor and outdoor locations for the performing arts.  For visual arts, there are a variety of choices, including the historic Depot and many private galleries.

The Berkshires, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

In many ways, Great Barrington (GB), mimics many of the attributes of Steamboat Springs.  It is located in a beautiful river valley with a river flowing along the edge of downtown.  The downtown is beautiful, very historic, and caters to the local population, as well as the many visitors that come from the surrounding area.  Boston and New York City are about 2 1/2 hours away.  

The Hudson River Valley and the many artisans that reside there, are about 30 minutes to the west.  Tanglewood, the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, is 30 minutes north of us.  It’s a beautiful setting, with welcoming people.  That’s a good start.

Publications and Media

Art with Altitude Magazine, Featured Photographer, 2022

5280 Magazine, Denver, Colorado, Contributing Photographer


Ensō represents a moment when the mind is free to let the body create.

Ensō is a symbol in Japanese calligraphy that symbolizes many things; strength, elegance, the universe, simplicity, completeness, the visible and invisible.  It’s a reminder of what makes a great photograph – the instant everything comes together to capture what is seen and felt.

Gallery Representation

I am currently pursuing a gallery in the new region we call home to show my work. I will keep you updated. It was great showing my work at the Depot Art Gallery in Steamboat Springs, and I look forward to finding the appropriate location in The Berkshires or surrounding region.