The iconic landscapes, people, and way of life in the west are an important part of our country’s mythology.  I continue to refine my eye and capture images of the west that reflect the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the region.  This glimpse into the essence of the west is a vehicle to promote an ethic of conservation, preservation and stewardship.

Ideally these images move you, and encourage you to help protect the west, its stunning landscapes, invaluable rivers, diverse wildlife, irreplaceable ecosystems, and cultural resources. 

Enjoy the images, and embrace the spirit that permeates this part of the world.

Thank you and make the most of the ride.

— John Lanterman

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on the west

Respect for the land is embedded in the west. Ranchers show respect through sustainable practices that insure their way of life can be passed to future generations. They are the ultimate stewards of the landscape.  They have a respect for and understanding of the land.  It is their livelihood. They depend on it, and take care of it.

Western landscapes are at risk of disappearing.  We can all advocate for maintaining the wildness and beauty of the west.